Mobile Development

The world in your hands – Astounding Mobile applications that run seamlessly

While mobile applications are waging a fantastic dodging war in the technology scenario, individuals can benefit from the varied nature of mobile applications in a commendable manner. Mobile applications, apart from having been the latest craze, are a sumptuous way of earning huge cash. After all, who minds shelling off a few dollars in exchange of long-lived convenience?

Maainfotech team gives you the perfect grounds to promote yourself and make your business known to your customers. We specialize at mobile application development for prolific platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Symbian. The applications that we develop are perfect with smooth running User Interface and an efficient back-end management. So, we take care that no one feels disappointed.

Our Services Include but not Limited to:

  • Game Application Development
  • Custom Mobile Application Developments
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Widget Development
  • Mobile Interface Design
  • Functional Testing of the App from the end users’ perspective
  • Mobile Apps with GPS, Google Map and GPRS technologies
  • Scalable, Robust, Interactive and User-friendly design
  • Mobile Apps for Social Media, Business and Finance